Trojie's Story

Trojan is her name. Nine years ago she came into our lives through the covert actions of my little sister, Rebecca. She fell in love with a furry gray kitty who lived in our neighbor's bushes. When she learned that the cat had kittens and that our neighbor planned to send them to the humane society, she quickly devised a plan to save one of those kittens. Rebecca snuck the little kitten in her backpack, managing to hide it for a few days before my parents got wind of our little intruder. We called her Trojan because she was smuggled into our house, much like the Trojans smuggled themselves into the city. She is now a very important part of our lives.

Two years ago, our healthy kitty became exceedingly thin. It happened so quietly and slowly that we hardly noticed. Then one day, we realized she was nothing but skin and bones. It was then we began to see other signs that something was wrong. She sat over her water bowl, staring at it, unable to drink. She refused to eat. She barely moved. A trip to the vet confirmed our worst fears. She had a disease known as Chronic Renal Failure Disorder.

Luckily I had just discovered the Internet, so I went on line and found a great resource that helped our family understand the disease. The Feline Chronic Renal Failure Disorder Information Center has all the information you might need if you are coping with having a pet with this disease.

Trojie had to remain in the hospital for a few days while she was intravenously washed with fluids to rid her body of the toxins that had accumulated. She refused to eat the whole time she was there, so the vet force fed her. When she returned home, her body swollen from the fluids that were given to her, she still refused to eat. The vet gave us a special food, which is void of protein, but she would eat nothing. We were sick with worry because we were told that if she wouldn't eat we needed to put her to sleep. Finally, on the day the vet suggested we put her to sleep, she began to eat baby food! After a day of that, we mixed her new prescription food with the baby food. She ate that, too.

Now she eats only her prescription diet, and is waxing fat and healthy on it. We also give her filtered water to further reduce the amount of toxins that enter her body, since her kidneys can no longer perform that function properly. UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!

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