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Moo, Moo, Peek-a boo
I snapped this picture in 1996, when I stopped on Prince Edward Island route 6 to take a picture of a farm. The cows were very suspicious of me, following me along as I walked around trying to find the right spot. They were just too cute to resist, so I photographed them! I didn't notice the peeking cow until I got the picture back from the developers. It's got to be one of my favorites now :)

Elephant Rock, 1996
Yup! It's a rock that looks like an elephant drinking from the sea. I'm so glad I went to see this landmark again this year with my friends because I'm told the trunk of the elephant eroded off in a storm this winter. So, sadly, it's an attraction of the past:(

Ghostly Galleon?
The ship was docked at Peakes Wharf in Charlottetown for Canada Day, 1998. I took this picture from a little tour boat I rode. It was lots of fun! :)

New London
A scenic drive through LMM country in 1998 revealed an incredibly blue harbour and sky in the little fishing village of New London. Taken from a scenic overlook on the way to Park Corner.

Scenic Vista, 1998
This picture was taken the same day as the previous one, as I drove along Route 13, heading toward Cavendish. I love the beautiful way the island farmers roll their golden hay. You can see the sapphire St. Lawrence Gulf in the distance.

Avonlea Village of Anne of Green Gables
While the new Avonlea Village is decidedly commercial, it creates a picturesque backdrop for the horses that graze in the village fields along Route 1 in Cavendish. The village features a small museum, lots of shops, some cute skits put on by "Anne", "Diana", "Gilbert", and "LM Montgomery", a Rainbow Valley play, and evening frolics, among other things of interest.

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