Canada's Road To Avonlea Receives Three More Emmy Nominations

The most successful Canadian television series ever was nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards. The series has already won Emmy awards for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Dramatic Series(1992) Christopher Lloyd, Outstanding Children's Program (1993), and Outstanding Costume Design (1995). Road To Avonlea has captured the imagination of millions in Canada on the CBC, in the U.S. on the Disney Channel and in over 120 countries around the world. This series will be available for the video release in the near future.




The brand new television series, Wind At My Back from award winning producer, Kevin Sullivan, kicked off production August 6, 1996. The first 13 episodes will air on CBC's family hour, Sunday nights at 7:00 PM starting December 1st. "We are thrilled to have constructed the entire world of New Bedford on the back lot of our Scarborough studio. This is a big change from shooting on location in Bowmanville and Orono... The production now functions out of one studio location," said Executive Producer Kevin Sullivan. Bus tours of visitors to the set have marveled at the the authenticity of the early 1930s small-town Ontario set. 




The Internationally acclaimed series has received a nomination for "Outstanding Television Series, Drama" in the inaugural year of the U.S. Family Film Awards. The First Family Film Awards will be broadcast live on August 22 from CBS Television City in Los Angeles. Initial nominees were chosen from the past year's family-oriented films and TV shows by a distinguished panel of 15 internationally accredited producers, directors,actors, and journalists; including Al Kasha (Producer/Composer), Micheal Medved (The New York Post), Shelley Winters (Academy Award Winning Actress) and Kenneth Turan (Los Angeles Times).

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