Ever wonder what the actors on Road to Avonlea have to say about their experiences?

Gema Zamprogna
is Felicity King:

"Thinking of leaving brings tears to my eyes. Iíve worked with these people for such a long time, theyíre my life. Cedric is my dad and Lally is my mom. To walk away and say good-bye will be very devastating to me emotionally."
Mag Ruffman
is Olivia Dale:

"The hardest thing to admit is that you get quite close to each other and at the end of every season itís like saying good bye to all your camp friends. Itís sad even at the end of an episode sometimes...It feels like you donít want to go home because youíre in the Avonlea head-space."

Lally Cadeau
is Janet King:

"I really like working but I really like having a family. Finally after seven years Iíll have to get home to put the kids to bed."

Cedric Smith
is Alec King:

"Itís been really marvellous to work alongside these professional kids, watching them grow up and expand their horizons and sharing in the development of all their abilities. What a great pleasure to have been able to experience these kidsí lives as if they were my own."

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