The Avonlea Album

Most bookstores carry The Avonlea Album - the definitive guidebook to the characters and locations Avonlea connoisseurs have come to love. The Avonlea Album is published by Firefly Books.

The Road To Avonlea Books

For those who can never get enough of Avonlea: Harper Collins has published almost 30 Road To Avonlea books, based on your favourite Road To Avonlea episodes. Check the full listing of the Road to Avonlea collection below to see if you have them all. Road To Avonlea books are available at your local book store.

        1. The Journey Begins 16. Family Rivalry
        2. The Story Girl Earns Her Name 17. May The Best Man Win
        3. Song Of The Night 18. Dreamer Of Dreams
        4. The Materialising of Duncan McTavish 19. It's Just A Stage
        5. Quarantine At Alexander Abraham's 20. Misfits And Miracles
        6. Conversions21. The Ties That Bind
        7. Aunt Abigail's Beau22. Felix And Blackie
        8. Malcolm and The Baby23. But When She Was Bad...
        9. Felicity's Challenge24. Double Trouble
        10. The Hope Chest of Arabella King25. A Dark And Stormy Night
        11. Nothing Endures But Change26. Friends And Relationships
        12. Sara's Homecoming 27. Vows Of Silence
        13. Aunt Hetty's Ordeal28. The Calamitous Courting of Hetty King
        14. Of Corsets and Secrets and True True Love29. Old Friends, Old Wounds
        15. Old Quarrels, Old Love

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