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You and your friends can recreate scenes from Anne of Green Gables. Adapted from the L.M. Montgomery books by Kevin Sullivan and Joe Wiesenfeld. Compare your home video to the real Anne of Green Gables video. Put yourself to the test!! Do you remember the very first scene in Anne of Green Gables? Anne dreamed of being Lord Tennysonís "Lady of Shalott". The poem is actually 18 stanzas long but here is the brief excerpt Anne reads in the opening:

Anne carries a large basket of fresh eggs in one arm and a bucket of milk in the other. She pauses on the crest of the hill at the edge of the fir grove, completely absorbed as she reads aloud from a book tucked away in her basket.

Anne Reciting From Book

          "There she weaves by night and day
          A magic web with colours gay.
          She has heard a whisper say,
          A curse is on her if she stay
          To look down to Camelot."

Anne pauses and holds the book to her breast, closing her eyes softly. With the brisk wind blowing colour into her pale cheeks, she imagines herself as Tennysonís heroine. She puts down her milk bucket and waltzes across the hill with a dramatic stride.

          "She knows not what the curse may be,
          And so she weaveth steadily,
          And little other care hath she,
          The Lady of Shalott."

How about the scene where Anne is introduced to Marillaís friend, Rachel Lynde? Anne With Puffy Cheeks

    Anne: "How do you do Miss Lynde?"

    Rachel: "Well, her looks are certainly nothing to consider. I mean sheís terribly skinny and homely, Marilla. Come over here, child. Lawful heart, her hair is as red as carrots."

Anneís face turns scarlet and her whole frame trembles.

    Anne: "How dare you say Iím skinny and...and...Carrots! Youíre a rude, impolite, unfeeling woman and I hate you!" Anne After Puffy Cheeks

    Marilla: "Anne Shirley!"

    Anne: "How would you like to have nastly things said about you! How would you like to be told that youíre fat and ugly and youíre a sour old gossip!!"

Anne runs out of the kitchen in tears and slams the door.

For the real performers, thereís that hilarious scene when Anne dyes her hair...
After arriving home from school, where she was punished for smashing a chalk board over Gilbertís head (he called her "carrots").

Anne has locked herself in her room...

Marilla raps on the door of Anneís room. There is no response. She tries to open it and shakes the handle. It is locked.

    Marilla: "Anne Shirley, Iíve heard all about it! Now you open
    your door at once!"

    Anne: "Please go away Marilla. I am in the depths of despair."

    Marilla: "Oh fiddlesticks! Now you open this door at once!"

The bolt in the lock slowly slid open. As Marilla opens the door, she catches a glimpse of Anne scuttling back under the covers, so that she is completely hidden from view. Marilla marches over to her bedside. Anne With Green Hair

    Marilla:"Are you sick?"

    Anne: "Go away and donít look at me."

    Marilla:"Donít play innocent with me. Iím so ashamed, I donít know
    where to begin. What do you mean by breaking your slate over
    some boyís head?"

    Anne: (from under the sheets) "He called me carrots!"

    Marilla:"I donít care what he called you. You had no reason to lose
    your temper."

Marilla pulls back the covers and is frozen in shock.

    Marilla: "Anne Shirley what have you done to your hair?"

Anneís hair is an unearthly colour; a dull, bronzy green with streaks here and there of the original red to heighten the ghastly effect.

    Anne: "I thought nothing could be as bad as red hair. Green is ten
    times worse! You little know how utterly wretched I am."

    Marilla: "I little know how you got into this fix, but I demand that
    you tell me."

    Anne: "I dyed it."

    Marilla: "You dyed it! For mercyís sake child.

    Anne: "He positively assured me it would turn my hair a beautiful raven black.

    Marilla: "Who did? Who are you talking about?"

    Anne: "The peddler we met on the road today."

Anne starts to cry. Anne Having Her Hair Pulled

    Marilla:"I absolutley forbid you to.....Oh whatís the use. Well, I hope
    that this has opened your eyes to see where your vanity has taken you.

    Anne: (in tears) "Marilla what shall I do? Iíll never be able to live this down.
    I canít face him again. That boy had no right to call me carrots!"

    Marilla: "You really smashed your slate over that boyís head?"

    Anne: "Yes."

    Marilla: "Hard?"

    Anne: "Very hard, Iím afraid."

    Marilla: "I know I should be angry. I should be furious. What a way to
    behave your first day at school. But...if you promise me that
    nothing of this sort will happen again, I wonít say another word about it.

    Anne: "Youíre not going to send me back?"

    Marilla: "Iíve come to a decision. The trial is over. You will stay at Green Gables."

Anne bolts right up in the bed, her hair forgotten and her tear streaked face lit with a joyous smile.

    Anne: "Oh Marilla!"

    Marilla: "I think you may be a kindred spirit after all."

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