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Top 10 Reasons Why Gus Pike Really Loves Felicity

#10. She can cook better than Chef Pierre (or at least she looks prettier in an apron)

#9. She can upsweep her hair perfectly riding on a horse

#8. She can lie to half of Avonlea, and be considered amazing for it

#7. Gus has never seen anyone look so beautiful...except Amanda Stone, the most beautiful woman he's ever seen (of course, Felicity was too young to be considered competition with her)...then there's Suzette, but that is just odd

#6. She thinks he's pretty swell too

#5. His ruby ring fits perfectly on her ring finger (Janet's ring fit perfectly on his pinkie, but she prefers her own hubby, or at least Stuart McRae to Gus)

#4. She isn't a Potts...or is she?

#3. He wants to be part of the King family (he always had to resist the urge to call Miss King "Aunt Hetty")

#2. She's small and cuddly like a doll, as opposed to Cecily, to whom Gus appears as a small, cuddly doll.

And the #1 reason why Gus loves Felicity...She's vain, self-centered, inconsiderate (Honestly, what more can a guy ask for?)

I am going to have random Avonlea stuff on my page, most likely having to do with Felicity and Gus, but I really don't have a direction, as you can probably tell.

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