A Cordial Welcome to You, O' Seekers Of Sarah. Here is my Humble and Comparatively Feeble Internet Dedication to This Amazing and Talented Woman. She is One of the Biggest Inspirations to Me, in My ScreenWriting, Art and Daily Life. Her Strength and Enduring Spirit has Shown me New Light over and over again, Just When things Were looking Bleak. I know That is Alot to Say about Someone I have Never Met, and Probably Never Will, But It is Uncanny how She Effects Me.

"She Walks in Beauty, Like the Night,
Of Cloudless Climes and Starry Skies;
And All that is Best of Dark and Bright,
Meets Her Aspect and Her Eyes;
Thus Mellow'd to That Tender Light,
Which Heaven to Gaudy Day Denies."


Born January 8th, 1979Avonlea is still my favorite show, but some fascist bastards canceled it. Have you ever seen a guy weep openly?

Every Night A Year Ago, I Would Come Home From Night School and Would Fall Under Her Spell."When you are a woman, to be honest is much more shocking then when a man is."

Lost a few teeth in a political rally turned riot.  Even Though She Has Grown From the Innocent yet Feisty Sarah Stanley of Avonlea, These will Be My Fondest Mental Image of Her Still. Even Today, She is Still Trying to Shed That character.

And NO, I Am Not Some Kind Of Weirdo Or Crazy Stalker. I Lead a Semi-Normal Life, Besides, Is it so Wrong to Look Up to Someone?My Goal is to Go to Canada and have Her in One of my Films Someday....A Pipe Dream?  I think not.


If You Know Her, or Know Someone Who does, You are incredibly Lucky. Tell Me all About it...hepcat@crsites.com