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Hello and welcome to Melissa's Avonlea page! Avonlea is (or, sadly, was) a show on the Disney Channel in the U.S. and on CBC in Canada. The main characters are the King family and its extended members. The matriarch of the family is Hetty King, the oldest of five siblings who is an unmarried school teacher/writer. Next there is her brother, Alec, who runs the King Farm. He has a wife, Janet, and four kids: Felicity, Felix, Cecily, and Daniel. Felicity, his oldest daughter, married Gus Pike in the last episode. Next is Alec and Hetty's sister, Olivia, who married Jasper Dale and has a son, Montgomery. They also adopted a little girl in the last season and moved to England. Then there is their sister, Ruth, who died before the show even began. Her daughter, Sara Stanley, moved to Prince Edward Island (where the show takes place) to live with her King relatives while her father settled a financial matter back in Toronto. The last sibling was Roger. His son, Andrew, was seen only in the first two seasons, until Roger and he moved somewhere to do a geological job. And that is the extended King family. There are other major characters in the show as well, such as Simon Tremayne, owner of the White Sands Hotel, Rachel Lynde, the town busybody, and the two twins Davey and Dora Keith. There is also Clive Pettibone and his children, Arthur, Morgan, and Izzy. It is a very colorful group of characters and a wonderful show, as you may have guessed!


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