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Hello and greetings, Avonlea fans! Thanks so much for dropping by to see my Album! This page is constantly undergoing construction, so please stop in often. In this Album you will find original photographs taken by either me or my mother during our various treks into the world of Avonlea. The pictures are of filming sites for the movies "Anne of Green Gables", "Anne of Avonlea", and "Jane of Lantern Hill"; as well as for the television shows "Road to Avonlea" and "Emily of New Moon". There a re also some of lovely Prince Edward Island scenes and of L.M. Montgomery-related sites in Ontario. To have a look at the pictures, just click on the links below. Some may take a few seconds to appear, so while you're waiting just use your imagination and pretend that you're in Avonlea for a while! Hopefully the background will have appeared by the time you've finished reading this, but if not, please do just wait a minute more for it to show up! I will be adding many more photos soon. Enjoy the ph otos!

The "Road to Avonlea" Pictures

The Pettibone House
The White Sands Hotel
Gus Pike's Lighthouse
The Avonlea General Store
The Pine Grove Church
Clara Potts' House
The King Farm
The Avonlea Village
The Avonlea School
Gus Pike's Uxbridge Lighthouse
Inside the Village
Zachary Bennett (Felix King)
More Coming Soon!

The "Anne" Pictures

The Infamous Ridgepole!
"A Little Picket Fence"
The Bright River Train Station
Aunt Josephine Barry's House
Orchard Slope
Aunt Jospehine's Staircase
The Unfortunate Lily Maid's Dory
More Coming Soon!

The "Jane" Pictures

Jane's School
More Coming Soon!

The "Emily of New Moon" Pictures

New Moon Farmhouse
Interior Set Being Constructed
Emily's School
Emily's Red Cliffs

Idyllic Prince Edward Island

Green Gables
Another Picture of Green Gables
L.M.Montgomery's Birthplace
Cavendish Homesite
Path Between Homesite and Green Gables
Point Prim Lighthouse
Sunset on North Cape
More Coming Soon!

L.M.Montgomery's Ontario

The Leaskdale Manse
More Coming Soon!

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Background photo: Copyright 1994 Y.Sears.
Background design: Copyright 1997 A.Sears.

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